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I have a passion to help people and companies become the best they can possibly be.  I get up every day with the purpose of making a difference.  If you are here, I believe we have something in common…we both want to see you successful…right?

Kurt Geldner

President, The Gracenote Group

Kurt has been an entrepreneur since the 1980’s.  He started with a small retail business and moved into software and technology businesses.  In his entrepreneurial career, he has helped found six companies with successful exits including the sale of one company to a public entity.  He has also spent time in corporate roles as a leader recognized for his expertise in team building and technical sales achievements. 

Kurt also has a unique educational background.  His first educational experience was in music.  He attended Berklee College of Music as a performance major.  In the years following his first entrepreneurial endeavor, he made the decision to pursue a new educational focus. His interest in business made the decision on focus area easy.  He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Studies, and a MBA both from the University of Maryland. 

Kurt currently lives in North Carolina.  He has three sons, all of whom are in the military.  He is a proud Grandfather.  He shares his life with someone very special.  He is a competitive poker player and avid reader.  Staying healthy is also vitally important both physically and spiritually.  He can regularly be spotted getting a quick run in at the local park or connecting with friends at his local gym.  He also has a deep faith that guides his life.  

Kurt has special qualities and experience that he applies every day to helping others.  The reality is, his experience may not be a fit for every client.  In those cases, he works hard to ensure that the clients needs are met through his network of professionals.  His mission is to provide value and make a difference.  In the end, accomplishing those two things for each client is what he is most passionate about. 

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