Do I need to be a certain size company to use your services?

No.  We have done work for clients of all sizes including companies with over 100 employees down to 3.  What’s most important is the challenge or opportunity you are facing and how to address it.  The LA2 process helps us figure that out.

Is email the best way to communicate?

Yes.  Due to the nature of most engagements, documents are exchanged on a regular basis.  Status, follow-up, project details, and other content will be exchanged during our work together.  Of course we will be communicating by phone and text message.

What if I want to use both advisory and retainer (A/R) services AND we need work on a couple of projects as well. Can you do that?

Yes.  However during the planning phase, close attention will be paid to the time required to complete the projects and communicated PRIOR to taking on the work for your approval. 

Do you ever travel to a clients' location in person?

I can.  The reason that I use ZOOM as the collaboration tool for my clients is because of the ease and flexibility of the platform.  I am aware, depending on the client need,  there may be times that I am needed to be “on-site” with a client.  In those cases, travel arrangements will be discussed and those expenses will be included in the fees of the client.

How quickly can you turn around projects outside of your advisory and retainer services?

That depends.  Some client schedules are flexible when urgent work presents itself and are sometimes willing to move their appointments thus opening up time for focus work.  But every planning precaution is taken upfront to ensure that you and other clients are fully satisfied.

What's your preferred payment method?

The preferred payment method is Paypal.  However, I will accept an electronic funds transfer as well.

Do you have a standard hourly rate?

No.  My work is based on outcome.  Therefore, I either offer advisory/retainer services or I develop custom projects based on your requests.  Those projects are priced for the specific deliverables.

Instead of following the introduction process, can't I just send an email with my questions?

Yes.  But it is highly likely that I will ask you to complete the webform before we talk in any case.  Also, my schedule could affect the timely response you are trying to get.  Using the webform and the calendar are the best choices.  However, I can and do answer direct email. 

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