What to Expect!


Listen - Advise - Act

One of the best ways to ensure you have a good experience with Gracenote and get the most out of our time together is to follow a proven process.  We use an approach we developed called “LA2” (LA Squared for short), Listen-Advise-Act.  It starts with listening and understanding, discussing ideas and agreeing on a path, and then getting after it to make progress.  Over and over again clients have told us that the process made  a real difference to their outcome. 



The foundation of any good relationship is active listening.  Without intentional effort given to understanding what’s needed, the best possible solution may be missed.


Confirm Understanding

Once the outcome expectation is understood, it must be confirmed.  This step is critical in making sure we agree that the right problems are being solved.


Provide Ideas

Once the outcome is understood, we collaborate on high level ideas, approaches and actions that come next.  Sometimes the effort is clear.  Sometimes it’s not.  Developing multiple approaches may be needed.


Choose a Path

When an idea takes shape, it’s time to choose a path.  What is the best way to help you accomplish the goal(s)?  As with the previous step, this can be challenging.  Experience really matters here!



After we have an idea and a path, then we agree on deliverables, timeline, and execution.  In the case of advisory and retainer (A/R) services, those deliverables are standard.  Project work will be a variable based on the effort. 


Get to Work!

This is the fun part!  For our A/R services we get a schedule formally agreed to and start the process.  For project work we set up regular meeting dates and times for the life of the project.   

What we

Customers, Customers, Customers

Opening new markets. Finding new customers. Making your existing customers happy. Any of these on your agenda? At Gracenote we use a proven approach to analyzing what the targets look like and developing the right set of actions to win. We have designed new market initiatives, product extensions, and sales campaigns. We've helped organize launch campaigns that resulted in new customer connections and revenue. We have clients with increased sales, revenue and happy repeat customers as a result of working with us.

Growth Matters...

Growth is one of the most elusive goals that many small businesses strive for. Our experience has been that most companies have the building blocks necessary for consistent growth but need an external perspective to order their efforts around growth based behaviors. We have helped many companies focus, set realistic goals, measure those goals, and over achieve them.

Hit Your Targets!

Depending on the size of your business you may ask yourself if you even need a strategy. I have had a business owner say to me, "we have been in business for 20 years without a strategy." To that owner we say congratulations! However, for most companies, strategy is the difference between hitting a goal you don't have or one that you do. We have led companies through a re-thinking of their own strategy or a new strategy for a new division or brand new start-up. We can package strategy in some pretty creative ways.

People Make A Difference!

I can't remember a small business owner conversation I have had in the last six months that involved a detailed discussion about their business that did not include the topic of people. Hiring and keeping qualified, engaged people is one of the hardest jobs and entrepreneur has. Identifying the right talent and really getting to know them prior to making a hiring decision is crucial. Once they are on the team, knowing how to empower them to accomplish organizational goals is key. We have developed a process for identifying, selecting, and on-going mentor/management of your team resources. Our clients have had fantastic results finding and retaining solid and contributing employees.


Love it or hate it, social media is in our lives to stay for at least the foreseeable future. Businesses have a very important question to answer…are you engaged in social media? For too many companies the answer is… "almost." Today, your company has a social media personality. Many companies use social media to forge much closer relationships with their customers. Some use it as a selling tool. Still others promote aspects of their businesses using the rich media that has become so important to our digitized world. We work with clients on their outcome goals and execution. Whether you are connecting with people or promoting your business we can help.

Dollars Count!

You have a great idea but it has to make financial sense. You need a proforma, a forecast, or some way to predict what might happen. Another scenario; you look at your results every month and ask, "why are my sales improving and I cannot seem to get more money in the bank account?" We have found that gaining financial insight into decision making can be one of the most liberating investments a business owner can make. We have helped companies with these questions and many more.

Simple next steps...

In order to provide the best experience, we start with a few important questions.   Filling out the contact form helps focus our first conversation.

We connect by phone.  This is where we decide if we can help.  If there is not a good fit for the need, you get a “high-five” and a big thank you.  If we can help, we get moving!!

In order to make our time most valuable we send you a survey to enter your thoughts.  It might surprise you how practical it is.  We use this for our first planning discussion. 

After you return the survey you will receive an emailed link to a calendar to schedule a call to go over the survey and decide on any next steps.  

Once there is a monthly service or project the schedule works for your need.  

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