Who's Talking About Gracenote?

Gracenote has taken the time to study our business, the people involved, and our strategic desires. The guidance provided have been just what we needed!!
president, eurohaus
Gracenote Group is phenomenal to work with. I'm able to get advice on important aspects of my business in a language I can understand. Gracenote Group has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help when I need it most.
Owner, GO Carkeys
We are lucky to have met such an honest man and would recommend Kurt to anyone .  For the last couple months Gracenote Group has stepped in and methodically put together evaluations about our company, which are always on time and on point with information that they bring.  I feel totally confident with all the information he has provided to our company and can’t wait to see what our future together brings.  
Shane and Cameron
owners, whitman construction
Working with Gracenote has helped me to see the full vision of what starting a business entails. Their goal from the start has been to understand why I was opening a business and how to make it as successful as possible. Through planning and organizing, they have illustrated how the many variables of business start up and day to day operations relate to each other and how managing those variables lead to the creation of a successful business. Kurt was able to ask the questions that were outside my trade experience and passion. These questions helped me understand the full scope of my responsibilities and think about scenarios and decisions that will shape my business. Their insights have given structure to something that was once just a dream.
owner, homestead kitchen
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